Independence Day: Lagos will continue to remain the Centre of Excellence Says Sanwo-Olu

As Nigeria celebrates her 61st anniversary as an independent country today, I urge Nigerians to summon the courage, energy and political will to face the problems confronting our country head-on and address them squarely. It is also another opportunity to reflect on our past, our present and our future.

Most countries of the world face deep-seated questions about ethnic, racial and religious diversity, and Nigeria’s seemingly intractable past and present challenges are not unique to us. What is important is that we must constantly summon the energy to face our problems and address them. We cannot continue to throw our hands up in despair or retreat into the tempting ghettoes of sectionalism and ethnic and religious bigotry.

We must learn from the past of others to guide our present and create a future that is even better than what we envisaged. That is yet another important link between past, present and future; the ability to assess deeply, learn, and adapt in light of that learning.

To create a better present and a more glorious future, our administration in Lagos is committed to the continuity of good governance as we build on the many successes of the past and adhere to a robust vision passed down over the years that will serve the people of Lagos and change their lives for the better.

For governance to be transformational, it must start by acknowledging and respecting what has gone before, otherwise it will be doomed to keep going round in circles, wasting effort and achieving little. Therefore, we have stayed consistent to a vision that we inherited from previous administrations.

Lagos will continue to remain the Centre of Excellence as we are the engine room of this vibrant and promising nation.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria. 🇳🇬

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