The man Senator Buruji Kashamu needs no introduction in the sphere called Nigeria. For a personality like him to get to this level, one needs no further conviction that indeed his strength couldn’t have been from any other source but the Almighty Allah.

Infact his doggedness, resilience, kind heartedness, selflessness, philantropic nature are all unparalleled. All these nature and attributes are things l personally saw in this quintessential long ago before joining him in his life-changing organization called Omoilu Foundation which l head till today.

He has been a man of many parts, when late MKO was alive, we all saw how he moved around enriching all and sundry, little did we know that late MKO was only “”John the baptist” who is only a fore runner to our Lord Jesus Christ.

On the political scene in Nigeria today, SPBK has demonstrated a unique character as in the last election, despite all the intrigues of the ruling party, he was the first person to congratulate the presumed winner of the election and as usual in our political terrain a lot of issues has been raised on this but the Bible say judge not, as the measure you used to judge shall also be used to judge you, for this unique nature of sportsmanship, SPBK will forever be appreciated.

On a closing note, on behalf of myself and the entire Omoilu Foundation members in the South West of Nigeria we all say HAPPY 61ST BIRTHDAY TO THE ALAANU MEKUNNU, God in His infinite mercy will continue to guide you, protect you, be your fortress and bucknor. Congratulations Sir, we shall all be around to celebrate you when you clock 90years by His grace.

The Lord is your strength Omo Oke bi Orun osi, Almighty Allah will continue to bless you.

Leke Shittu.

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