Our Pact with Ogun workers, MAPOLY, TASCE and Students of Ogun State

Senator (Prince) Buruji Kashamu
PDP Gubernatorial candidate, Ogun State

My dear good people of Ogun State,

As you go to the polls on Saturday, 9th March, 2019, to cast your vote, I want you to ponder on the following issues:

Our Debt Portfolio:
Based on publicly available information, there is no gainsaying the fact that the debt porfolio of our dear Ogun State is high. A whopping N103 billion!

Being a state blessed with abundant human and natural resources, Ogun State should not have been in this situation. That said, my Strategic Economic Management Team has looked at Ogun State finances and come up with a strategic plan to pay up the debts and ensure that going forward, Ogun State will not borrow money for recurrent expenditure.

Civil/Public Officers:
I am deeply saddened and pained seeing many of our hard-working and committed civil/public officers crying, suffering and going through untold hardship due to the diversion of cooperative deductions, denial of leave bonuses and arrears, etc. I want our civil/public officers to know that I stand and empathise with them.

By the grace of God, if I am elected as the Governor of Ogun State, I shall inaugurate a committee made up of members of my team and representatives of the workers to immediately determine the outstanding amount due to the workers and come up with a mutually acceptable payment schedule which shall see to the commencement of disbursements within the first 100 days of my Administration.

Going forward, salaries, cooperative deductions, pensions, e.t.c shall be paid and/or remitted before the end of every month during our tenure in office.

A committee comprising my team, representatives of the Tai Solarin College of Education (TASCE), Omu and other stakeholders shall be inaugurated within 10 days of our assumption of office.

The committee’s Terms of Reference shall include a diagnostic review of the debts of TASCE and an appreciation of the various challenges militating against the institution with recommendations on how to resolve the challenges facing the institution.

In line with our global objective of making Ogun State free of recurrent expenditure-related debts and other non-developmental debts, a plan would be put in place with clear milestones for the payment of the debts owed the lecturers and workers of TASCE.

I promise that the first payment towards offsetting TASCE’s debts shall be done within the first 100 days of our Administration.

With regards to the relocation of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY),
a committee will be set up to include members of the Ogun State House of Assembly and other relevant stakeholders with a view to finding a lasting solution to the issues and the report of the committee and its recommendations must be submitted within 100 days. I commit to a full implementation of the recommendations of the committee.

Transportation Sector:
On the issues affecting our brothers and sisters in the transportation sector, your contribution to the state’s economy is well noted and appreciated; and my Administration shall continuously engage your associations with a view to finding how we can assist you and create an enabling environment for your busineses to thrive.

One of the economic models being worked upon by our Strategic Economic Management Team involves the creation of a credit scheme with affordable terms to help support, grow and modernise your busineses and operations.

We are aware of the challenges faced by your members in the form of multiple taxation, punitive payments and even extortion. This situation shall be immediately looked into upon our assumption of office with a view to ensuring that fees, charges and levies payable by your members are fair, reasonable and equitable.

For our students, I commit to the following:
*Reduction of tuition fees in public-owned higher institutions within 90 days of assumption of office.
*Scholarship award for outstanding Ogun State students across the country.
*Immediate employment for best graduating students (Ogun State indigenes) from each of our public tertiary institutions.
*Work and study for students of public tertiary institutions in Ogun State.
*Prompt and regular payment of bursary to all students.
*Provision and upgrading of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) centres in the three senatorial districts.
*Free school buses for secondary school students in Ogun State.
*Scholarship for best two (male and female) UTME students.

These, among others, are my solemn vows, to you, the good people of Ogun State.

Senator Buruji Kashamu
Ogun State PDP Governorship Candidate

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