This is the incompetent application filed by our adversaries at the supreme court. The mischievously publicised purported application for stay of execution @ the supreme court by Yemi Oke is foolishly deceptive, a classical professional misconduct that is an effort at subversion of justice that can NEVER yield any meaningful result as the case in question is procedurally not even before the apex court. These political lawyers, lacking in professional etiquette shall meet their Waterloo any day the hearing comes up which might lead to the doors of Kuje opening for them.

The supreme court judgement of today on the Rivers APC primaries further confirms that serial contemptnors like these PDP Ogun desperadoes cannot and shall not be entitled to judicial privileges as desperately being sought by these clowns.


I appeal to our respectable elders, leaders and numerous followers to remain unperturbed as the almighty God is fully on our side. Further clarifications shall follow later today in respect of the futile application at the appeal court, Ibadan as well as the supreme court that’s being brandished around to deceive their innocent followers.


Sen Kashamu.

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