Jerry D Ishaya Speaks: President Buhari has severally proven to be careless and indifferent about the unity of Nigeria

We have to progress and forget those who caused the civil war or plot the sucessful or failed coups.

As a president of Nigeria, you can not be callously insensitive to your actions and inactions that will futher divide the people you govern. A leader must be mindful of those who feel, think and speak differently from him as his references will not always be right.

Nigeria as we all know, is the most diversed country in the world with over 250 ethnic groups spread all over the 774 local governments. It will interest the reader to ń∑now that Nigerian geographical space host roughly 190 million people but even China with 1.4 Billion population merely has 56 ethnic groups.

There is no doubt that a fast growing diversed population in an inelastic space will ever remain a complex combination to govern. Things become worse as our religious beliefs , crops of leaders and the history of Nigerian political culture define the pace of our development or stagnation and determine the level of our political instability and insecurity. Having known the complex nature of this country, those who wrote our constitution deliberately allowed “spirit of inclusiveness” to guide them in capturing the diversed groups which aimed at promoting sense of belonging in running the affairs of Nigerian state.

President Buhari has severally proven by his actions and statements to be careless and indifferent about the unity of Nigeria or the need to build trust and promote sense of belonging amongst the diversed ethnic/ religious groups. His latest appointment of Director General of DSS, Yusuf Bichi, has attracted public reaction.

The former DG DSS, Musa Daura, was sacked and directed to hand over to the next in command (Mathew Seiyefa) by the vice president while Mr president was out of the country. When president Buhari finally returned, he has not said a word about the sacking of his brother Daura. He was expected to confirm Mathew Seiyefa as the substantive DG DSS having known that Mathew has additional year before his retirement. But quickly, president Buhari brought Yusuf Bichi from retirement to head the security agencies. One is forced wonder why is insisting on confirming Magu from acting chairman of EFCC to substantive chairman but refusing to do same to Mathew Seiyefa of DSS. That is not all.

We have seen how many service chiefs have reached their retirement ages but president Buhari has chosen to retire junior officers just to keep the officers who are from northern Nigeria. His actions merely portray him as a sectional leader in a diversed and heterogeneous society.

Few Implications:

1. If the table of leadership turns to the south and a southern president retires northern officers who are qualified to handle the offices they are occupying just to fix southerners on service or retirement, who shall we blame? Buhari who Will not be in power or who? Certainly, that will sustain the circle of divisive leaders that divide us.

2. Nigeria has been experimenting how to become a united and indivisible nation by fighting terrorism and forces of secession and balkanization. We not afford to keep divisive leaders in power. We must be reminded that Land, oil and force of guns from security agencies are the things marrying us together as a nation. Non among the three is so strong like the force of guns. If president Buhari or any other president is allowed to further create division in the hierarchies of security agencies, then the force that is holding us together will not longer exist and there will be no Nigeria( God forbid)

But what kind of president do we need?

We need an informed president who is secular and don’t have history of building his support base from a section of the country. We need a nationalist to lead a nation that needs unity not division. We need a president that is sensitive to our uniqueness and peculiarities at this level of development. We need a president who has the National network and contact to mobilize the team that will upgrade us to our common aspirations of peace, unity, progress, development and prosperity.

We need a president who is not vindictive or out for vendetta of settling old scores. We need a person who has a fresh and positive mind for the people and generation to come. We need a president who don’t care where you come from as long as you are qualified. We need a president who promotes equity, justice, fairness and rule of law.

Who is that man that can discontinue disproportionate reliance on crude oil exports, uninterruptedly supply electricity and power for businesses to strive , revive crumbling infrastructure and road network , fasten the growth of our economy, tackle corruption/graft and provide adequate jobs and security for our citizens. That is who we need. Not divisive leaders. We have to progress and forget those who caused the civil war or plot the sucessful or failed coups.


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