Otunba Wesco

Over the years we’ve had several personality with different characters representing the good people of Ijebu Ode, Odogbolu and ijebu Northeast at the Federal House of Representative, Abuja from 1999 till date, More than Ever, we strongly need empathetic and compassionate Representation at the Federal House of Representative in the coming dispensation.

Recent studies have shown that contrary to some conventional wisdom, empathetic and compassionate leaders are strong and courageous; they promote trust and collaboration; promote well-being in others; and at the same time, they produce positive results.

In politics, and in our various institutions and business, we see the polar opposite of empathetic and compassionate Leaders – individuals who are narcissistic, self-serving, and power-hungry who create havoc in our society.

Otunba (Barrister) Adewale Moses Osinubi

Leader in politics are taught to lead with their heads and not with their hearts. Leaders are expected to be strategic, rational, tough, be a bottom-line political leader who focus on results. Yet, recent research on Successful leaders Representing Ijebu Central Federal CONSTITUENCY calls for a different style of leader – ONE THAT IS EXHIBITING KINDNESS, COMPASSION AND EMPATHY.

Let me once again bring to you – the good people of Ijebu-Ode, Odogbolu and ijebu Northeast – your Son, Otunba (Bar) Adewale Moses Osinubi…aka Otunba Wesco as the best option available to represent us at the National Assembly in 2019.

We must this time forget sentiment and focus on capability and attitude of empathy towards the Constituents.

Otunba Wesco is – A Barrister that is descent in character and respectful despite his strong financial stand. He believes that LEADERS do not hide, finding and using one VOICE as a leader takes courage. A passionate Philanthropist before venturing into politics.

Otunba Wesco is a courageous Leader with the heart of GIVING to the community he represent, religious bodies and NEVER for once get tired. Giving is his passion.

Support Otunba (Bar) Adewale Moses Osinubi for A Responsible Representation at the Federal House of Representatives in 2019.

With Otunba Wesco -Our people can be rest assured of True dividend of democracy, Constructive feedback and the facilitation of federal projects to the three local government. This is the time to collectively join hands to ensure a better tomorrow for our people, ensure that we support an accessible leader and not an Abuja based politician.

Let’s Do it Together!!!

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