OGD, Think Deeply For Posterity Sake; Senator Buruji Advises Otunba Gbenga Daniel


Senator Kashamu

Good day OGD; the master of double games!!! It is a pity that Baba Adebutu does not know you well enough that your leopard can’t change skin. It’s however interesting that you’re also underrating the tremendous native intelligence of that clever Baba.

On several occasions, you’ve stated to a lot of people in confidence that the ongoing Adebutu gubernatorial quest is not viable and not achievable. I have full intelligence reports of how you arranged for GNI and Yayi to be honoured at your thanksgiving while Ladi should be booed. You in error didn’t anticipate the reactions that followed from the Adebutus whom you have taken delight in extorting in an unending continuity. To make your denials look real, you shamelessly sacrificed that your innocent admirer, Olododo. If you had been truthful in your politics, won’t your close allies have known where you stand on issues as important as the gubernatorial? You’re lucky in your lies, this time. One can’t avoid thanking your lovely wife that stood in, in loyal commitment, to beg Baba Adebutu on your behalf; as well as Kenny Martins that you ran to for him to also put mouth.

Now that Baba Adebutu has forgiven you on the condition of you fully supporting ONLY Ladi; what would you now do? Can you ever be straight forward on any issue? With all the monies you’ve extorted from Yayi, can you have courage to wave him bye bye?
Even with GNI that’s your political creation and somewhat political son with you share political followings; can you honestly say goodnight? Or are you tired of the perpetual exploitation of the Adebutus? Pls choose your choice!!! Can you now see the tough situation you put yourself into? This is the outcome of dishonest games, lack of contentment and outright greed.
Or now that Fayose has been discovered as ready tool for PDP national politics, would you still continue that game of playing on the Ladi Adebutu lust for power and office?

Lastly OGD, let me confirm to you that which you already know. Nobody can unlawfully dispossess me of the Ogun PDP structure as is now being implied in uninformed quarters. The only thing I can’t do is to stop you people’s extortion of money from Baba Adebutu. But the delivery of Ogun PDP structure is impossible, no matter how much is extorted and/or expended by my political opponents amongst themselves. Sooner than later, these ongoing political lawlessness shall end and bow to that lawful stance that I, Buruji Kashamu, stand for and symbolise.

It’s unfortunate that Baba Adebutu has not quite investigated to know the underlying truth of this political fraud. He would have easily discovered that all that Ladi is wasting money over is an incurable illegality than can’t stand. It’s a pity that those of you that know are the real architects of these fraud for whatever is there in for you to benefit without considerations.
The Almighty Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful is all knowing and the giver of power to whoever He likes. The Almighty God is the secret of my correctness on this matter and thus makes me to be above all these serial treacherous games and unlawful manipulations that’s ongoing. I always thank God for that.

Pls in good conscience, think deeply for posterity, before the resolution of your next line of actions and possible games.
Accept my kind regards.

Sen Buruji Kashamu.
Baba Adebutu.
Kenny Martins
Sen Yayi



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