Senator kashamu


Long before the good people of Ogun State, the south West region and the nation in general began applauding the business, philanthropic and political exploits of the Distinguished Senator (Prince) Buruji Kashamu, he had courageously established his business empire in the West African region with presence in Europe. Before he contested and won the Senatorial election in 2015, he was a party enthusiast who progressively grew from the ward level through to the National level as Chairman, Organisation and Mobilisation Committee of the PDP in the South West as well as a distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Numerous individuals, families and communities were receiving various forms of benevolence from SPBK long before the Omoilu Foundation was instituted as the hub of his philanthropic activities. In spite of him famed philanthropy and meteoric rise to political prominence, SPBK might be most celebrated for his entrepreneurial acumen, foresight and ingenuity. He is a workaholic who is passionate about his dreams and gives his all in pursuing realizing and preserving them. By 1994/95, he was one of the richest men in Benin Republic because of massive investments he had made in commerce and real estate. He was the country representative of Sanyong and Daewoo motors and was also massively importing rice, tomatoes and sugar, veering into furniture making and manufacturing. S.E.I.C.B an ultra-modern cotton ginnery factory in Savalou is an enduring landmark of his accomplishments in the Republic of Benin.


The ripple effects of SPBK’s wealth creating initiatives are felt and evident in the lives that are being transformed in the nooks and crannies of West Africa.



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