Mike Bamiloye’s Letter To His Son

Mike Bamiloye


All of us in the family are celebrating you today, Michael Oluwadamilola IleriOluwa MikeBamiloye.

A very dedicated and focus young man. You graduated from University and during your Youth Service had called me one evening from Imo State and had said the Lord told you that you should serve under me, your father, to be following me about ad my PA. I could not know what to say. I was shocked. I was afraid to shut down the idea that came to your heart which you said the Lord spoke to you. That was in 2012.

I told you with a stammering voice that when you come back home from the Youth service, we would talk about it. But I kept praying to know of God had truly said it to you. Then. The Lord spoken to me that you had made the greatest decision.

After your Service year, you came back home and began to follow me about. You said I should teach you how to be a PA, but I never had one before, so I didn’t know how they do except that they carry Bibles and briefcase of their leader.

My first outreach was in Abuja and I introduced you to the host as my son and my PA, they were relating with you as such. Calling you here and there. Sending you to me. I was wondering if this is what the Lord had for you. I never knew The Lord was only checking your heart.
We went to several programs together as you carried my Bible and stuffs.
Then my wife and I went to Australia with you for film shooting and they had no cameraman. Then you carried their camera and locked yourself up in your room and began to consult YouTube and Google on how to handle Video camera DSLR 60D.

You would come out of your room, several times to the verandah and began to point the camera at various objects. We were getting worried that you would spoil their new camera. Then you were making phone calls to some of our previous hired cameramen to ask questions.
You came out of your room finally and said you would shoot the movie.

You handled the camera and shot your first movie in Australia °HARVEST OF CRISIS” and you shot “The Return”, “Caught In The Wind” and “Harmony Deal” all in Australia You shot “Rupantar” in India. You shot “Off Duty” in London. You shot “Conspiracy”, “Breaking Point”, and “Last Man Standing” in Maryland and shot “Exemplary”, “Life of the Billows” and now on set of “Abejoye-Intruder” in Dallas Texas.

All these apart from numerous movies shot back home in Nigeria like “House On Fire” Parts 1-7, “Family Next Door” Parts 1 and 2, “Hunted”, ” Accountant”, “Manager” “Block 10” etc.

When you said you wanted to follow your father and be his PA you never said you would become my major Cameraman and Director of Photography. You obeyed the Lord and the Lord elevated you. He gave you what you never learnt in the school. You are no longer my PA but a celebrated Christian movie maker, and excellent Director of Photography who has done many great works for God at your young age.

Now, you have laid a very solid foundation for your siblings . Joshua has graduated and served three years ago, he never once mentioned searching for any jobs but followed your footstep into full-time ministry. Oluwadara graduated this year and is already on film location now as Continuity Manager.

They both saw what the Lord had made of you and they followed us their parents doing the work of God on full time service to the Lord.

Damilola Mike-Bamiloye

Many Happy Years in return.
May the Lord God bless your life an establish you and give you a good home.
From us:
Mike and Gloria Bamiloye.
And with love from Joshua and Oluwadarasimi.

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