A TRUE POLITICAL REPRESENTATION (Focus on Ijebu Central Federal Constituency, Ogun State)

The concept of Political Representation is the activity of making citizens voices, opinions, and perspectives​ “present” in Public policy making processes. Political Representation occurs when Political actors speak, advocate, symbolize, and act on behalf of others in the Political arena.

In short, Political Representation is a kind of Political assistance.

Our focus is on Ijebu Central​ Federal Constituency and the demand for A True Political Representation.
Someone who will not just be an Abuja base politician but truly ~ one with the spirit of A SERVANT LEADERSHIP

There is a clear part between Having A True Political Representation at the Center and just Electing A Political Representation. The difference is in the discovery process. The time has come for all Political leaders, Actors and voters within Ijebu Central​ Federal Constituency to look beyond partisan politics and see the great danger if we fail (God forbid) to have A True Political Representation that will fill the current vacuum being created by the failure to elect A credible alternative in the last election for Ijebu Central Federal Constituency.

We can not afford to fail Again having seen the difference between what we enjoyed (through Wesco Foundation) prior to the Election and what our people are currently witnessing under the same Representative.

I bring to you once Again Otunba (Bar.) Adewale Moses Osinubi-Wesco4Rep.

Otunba Wesco

This is a man who will be a representative that would have Positive impact on the lives of our people.

~ if we must elect A credible responsible leader who understands what our people truly needs across the Ijebu Central Federal Constituency, the best candidate is Otunba Wesco.

~ For quality Responsive Representation, the best candidate is Otunba Wesco

~ For Service and nothing but Service to our people within the Constituency, the best candidate is Otunba Wesco.

~ For women and men empowerment, the best candidate is Otunba Wesco

~ For Youths participation in vocational training, the best candidate is Otunba Wesco

~ For a Robust and well articulated Political Representation aimed at positioning ijebu Land in it’s rightful place, think Otunba Wesco

You can only get the best when it’s Otunba Wesco

Too Sure

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