THE MAN CALLED BSB – By: Yomi Opayemi

BSB – Babatunde Sikiru Balogum

We met in 1984 when we both gained admission into Mayflower school Ikenne.

Babatunde Sikiru Balogun(BSB),handsome, bright and shining is unmistakably cheerful and good humoured, fluently persuasive and articulate, little wonder why he was pivotal in the literary and theatre group of the school back in the days.

As far back as Mayflower days, Tai-trained Sikiru Balogun has been dutiful, respectful, conscientious, humble, sociable, outgoing, optimistic, likeable, intelligent, neat, smart and confident;his more than a decade contribution as a scribe of Mayflower Old Students Association (MOSA) is unprecedented and attest to his unassuming qualities.

Hearing of his political ambition to represent Odogbolu state constituency in the Ogun state house of assembly come 2019 gladens my heart and reminds me of the prayer of our founder and mentor, Tai Solarin,that one day, the products of Mayflower will join in the lead of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

BSB is one of our finest, I back him all the way so am sure will other classmates and Mayflower products, he is tested and trusted.


Habakkuk 2:3,the vision is yet for an appointed time, though it tarries,…. it shall speak at the end… It will surely come… 2019 is that appointed time and with God nothing shall be impossible. Luk 1:37

With no intention of bootlicking or sycophancy, I make bold to say BSB is an embodiment of performance and good delivery.

BSB has embarked on a graceful journey to greatness putting on the undisputed armour as enunciated by Elizabeth brownings:
Great things must be done greatly, with a
Great purpose, a Great mind, a Great courage, a Great energy, and a Great persistent patience.

Babatunde Sikiru Balogun ~ BSB

BSB is purpose driven, mindful, courageous, energetic and persistently patient.

I call on one and all to come out massively in support of the aspiration of this enviable young man.

Babatunde Sikiru Balogun ~ BSB

Support BSB, support progress, peace, unity,transparency,justice,service to humanity, good governance, and prosperity.

BSB, your classmates back you all the way.
God bless you all.

Yomi Opayemi
Mayflower School,
Class 84/90

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